What are your qualifications?
I am a registered Psychologist with AHPRA and also the APS. I have an
undergraduate degree in Psychology from the Australian National University, a MA
in Sport Psychology from the University of Western Sydney and also a Masters of
Psychology, specialising in Counselling and Family Therapy. I also undertake
extensive professional development each year to stay current in my practice of

Do I need a referral?
No. You don’t need a referral to see me as a private patient. If you have private
health insurance, you will still be able to claim a rebate.

Can I claim a rebate from Medicare?
Yes. If your GP has written you a mental health treatment plan, you will then be
eligible to claim a rebate from Medicare.

Are you NDIS accredited?
No. Unfortunately direct billing to the NDIS is not available. However, if you have
approved services on your NDIS plan for psychology, you can claim your fees after
settling your account privately.

How long are appointments?
A standard private appointment time slot is 50 mins. Your initial assessment may
take longer.

What are your private referral fees?
$190 per session. Rebates are available.

Do you accept workers compensation referrals?
Yes. Please contact your case manager or insurer to arrange for the appropriate
approvals for you to proceed as an insurance client. You will usually have to have
your medical certificate to support the referral.

Do you take Comcare clients?
Yes. In order for Comcare to determine your eligibility for services, you will need to
have a referral from your GP to see me, and for this information to be reflected in
your medical certificate. The medical certificate will then need to be lodged with
Comcare, and approval sought from the case manager. We can help you with this
process once your medical certificate has been obtained.

What about confidentiality?
Essentially what we talk about remains between you and I. All of my files are stored
securely, and I do not discuss your information with anyone without your written
consent. However there are a few exceptions, which will be discussed with you at
the first appointment;
1 - if you are referred by your GP with a mental health plan, there is an expectation
that some information will be shared with them in a letter following the first and 6th
2 – there are some mandatory reporting requirements attached to my registration,
which can affect confidentiality. This is to keep you and others safe.
3 – If you have a third party (ie: Insurer) paying for your treatments, they may
require reports to be released to them, which also affects confidentiality.
4 – If I am ordered by a court through a subpoena, then I must comply with the
release of information and produce your file.
5 – Your solicitor may request your file, in this instance, you would usually know
about it first.